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GreenChair is a strong brand for the garden furniture specialist. With the GreenChair collection you can serve a wide group of consumers in your showroom. People with a sense of style and an eye for quality. Buyers who want to make a good investment, in exchange for guaranteed pleasure.

We serve this buyer group together – that is how it feels for us. Together we provide exited customers. We contribute to this with a surprising collection in every season, high product quality and excellent service. At the same time, we improve your commercial strength. Because we deliver directly from Asia, both the consumer and you as a retailer benefit from attractive prices. With one difference. You do not have to embark on foreign adventures yourself. You can achieve the same benefits by having a cup of coffee – or Chinese tea – in ‘s-Hertogenbosch and discuss your wishes.  Thanks to our flexible production facilities, GreenChair can fulfill your demands and wishes.

'GreenChair makes it easy for us to promise quality and enjoyment of use'

‘As a family business, we are strongly represented in the region with three branches. Our strength is the way we help customers. We are not going for the quick deal, we are going for a satisfied customer. It is nice to see how GreenChair contributes to this. The quality and practical characteristics of this garden furniture appeal to many customers. You can notice that this collection was not just conceived by a dreamy designer, but by specialists who know the market. And who, also not insignificantly, remain loyal to us when it comes to service and warranty. GreenChair’s promise – make yourself comfortable – is being fulfilled in practice!’

Become a dealer?

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