Only the best materials

At GreenChair we say "make yourself comfortable". And that is why GreenChair selects only the very best materials for a carefree outdoor life. See below for the specifications on the materials we use.

GreenChair is proud of its high quality and weather resistant outdoor furniture that gives you a carefree and sunny outdoor life. But our furniture can also withstand a heavy rain shower. The garden furniture from GreenChair has a high quality finish and guarantees years of outdoor fun. GreenChair offers a 5-year warranty on the aluminium garden furniture and 2 years on the steel garden furniture. To extend the life of your garden furniture only little maintenance is important. Below you will find everything about the materials used and how you can best maintain your garden furniture. In that way you guarantee yourself outdoor comfort for years to come.

1. Aluminium

Aluminium is widely used in frames and sheet metal in most garden furniture. Aluminium is weather resistant and lightweight. It must also be sturdy, which is why our aluminium collection features a 1.8 to 2.0 mm thick frame.

GreenChair’s aluminium is provided with a color powder coating. The powder coating is scratch resistant and makes the garden furniture even more resistant to weather influences. The GreenChair powder coating consists of a Tiger coating, this is the strongest coating that is used on aluminium garden furniture.

Aluminium is easy to process into the most beautiful garden furniture. This is done by our professionals together with advanced welding robots. We think it is important that the welds are nicely polished for even more comfort and convenience.

GreenChair’s aluminium garden furniture is of high quality. That is why we give a 5-year warranty on construction and manufacturing defects on all aluminium furniture and other elements.

2. Steel

Steel is strong and a bit heavier than aluminium. GreenChair uses steel in the frame of various, often finer garden furniture. You will also find it in the sturdy sheet metal in the sprung back parts of some of our lounge sets. The steel is first given a double e-coating, after which it is powder coated in the desired color.

Steel is robust, heavy and sturdy, but has the small disadvantage that it can rust if it comes into unprotected contact with the outside air. For example when the powder coating layer is damaged. Oxidation then eventually takes place and with that you will see rust formation appear in the long run.

If there is a scratch in the powder coating, this scratch is easy to repair with metalic paint.

GreenChair gives a 2-year warranty on construction and manufacturing defects on our steel garden furniture. And that also applies to our elements made of steel. Usage damage is not covered by the warranty.

3. All Weather

GreenChair uses all weather fabric on most of the products. With its high color fastness and its weather resistant it is dirt and water repellent, mold-free and guarantees outdoor comfort for many years. Our all weather fabric is used for cushions and umbrellas.

The GreenChair weather fabric on your garden furniture or umbrella certainly affects the price of the product, we have to be honest about that. We would like to point out that it is an investment for many years of garden comfort. And our fabric also stays beautiful over the years. GreenChair all weather fabric consists of acrylic fibers that are colored to the core. As a result, this fabric does not discolour and it is completely UV resistant. The fabric also receives a coating that protects against dirt and stains. GreenChair all weather fabric can withstand heat and frost. No significant maintenance is required for our fabric, for cleaning stains, a solution of lukewarm water and soap is sufficient.

The cushions with the GreenChair all weather fabric come with a 5-year warranty. Usage damage is not covered by the warranty.

Met een hoge kleurvastheid en een hoge weerbestendigheid: het is vuil- en waterafstotend, schimmelvrij én garandeert jarenlang buitencomfort.


4. Olefin

Olefin outdoor textile is a weather-resistant fabric that is used on the cushions of various series from GreenChair. It has a natural look & feel. Olefin is weather resistant and it has several unique properties. The raw material for making olefin is oil. Yes really. A colorant is added to the product at an early stage in the production process so that it is present in the core. That makes the fabric so colourfast, UV-resistant and water-repellent. And that is why we also find Olefin in the automotive industry and for technical sportswear.

It is important to keep your Olefin pillows clean: leaves, greenery, bird droppings and “small accidents” can cause annoying and nasty stains. Ultimately, they will affect the substance and you want to prevent that. Some maintenance is therefore desirable because stains, usage damage and weather influences are not covered by the warranty.

We advise you to store the cushions of your garden furniture dry and clean if you are not going to use them for a longer period of time. A protective cover can also provide the necessary protection in the garden season.

Many Sunbrella or Olefin cushion covers can be zipped off, make sure that there is no tension on the ends of the zippers. First fold the filling in half in the cover before removing it from the cover. You can wash the covers at 30 degrees with a mild detergent. You dry the covers by giving them time to dry out of the sun and by themselves.

5. Textilene

Textilene is a vowen nylon in which polyester threads are provided with a coating. Textilene has a pleasant seating comfort, is lightweight, easy to maintain, is very strong and durable. And it can be made in all colors.

There are different qualities of textilene and this is noticeable in the price of the end product. The difference in quality is in the dimensional stability of the fabric and the tendency to tear or not tear at higher loads. The degree of frost resistance is also an indication of quality.

6. Easy Dry Foam

All GreenChair furniture cushions are filled with EDF. Easy Dry Foam is a water and air permeable foam rubber that is used for “all weather” cushions in garden furniture. Water simply runs through the foam and it is also mold and rot resistant. It may be slightly firmer in hardness / density, but on the other hand, it will hardly lose any of its comfort over time. That is certainly the case with ordinary foam.

Easy Dry Foam is completely weather resistant and provides years of outdoor comfort. No more moving all those cushions when the weather suddenly changes. No, your garden furniture is always ready for you.

The use of Easy Dry Foam is also a quality indication, which is why the combination with Sunbrella fabric is seen as the best combination for outdoor cushions: after a rain shower you can often enjoy your GreenChair garden set again after half an hour with Sunbrella / Easy Dry Foam cushions.

7. Teak

Sustainable and weather-resistant teak wood is used in the GreenChair range. Teak is a high-quality tropical hardwood and has been processed and used for garden furniture as long as we can remember. GreenChair only uses pure, untreated teak. It is golden brown in color and the older the wood is, the darker the color of the wood will be. Under the influence of rain and sun, the outer layer of the wood will discolour to silver/light gray. This is a natural process and it will always continue. If you want to keep the wood color of teak, you must provide the teak with a new layer of teak oil twice a season. Teak requires that the furniture must be absolutely dry. Differences in temperature and alternation of moisture and dryness can cause small hairline cracks in the teak. This has no effect on the quality or durability of the furniture. GreenChair works exclusively with FSC-certified teak wood, from FSC-certified teak plantations.

8. HPL

HPL stands for High Pressure Laminate; HPL is a solid hard plastic, used in various table tops from the GreenChair collection. HPL is extremely weather resistant and almost free of maintenance.

We know HPL in various applications such as wall covering on buildings. Under all weather conditions, the HPL is expected to be dimensionally stable, weather-resistant and colourfast. And of course it also applies to your garden table.

But what exactly is HPL; under very high pressure, thin layers of plastic are stacked and pressed together under a very high temperature to form a whole. This creates a solid and unprecedented hard product: HPL. HPL is available in various colors. GreenChair opts for a wood structure or concrete look. The HPL table tops are cut under a facet, creating a subtle and chic edge on the top.

The HPL garden tables are extremely scratch-resistant, colourfast and virtually maintenance-free; you don’t need more than a cloth and lukewarm water to keep your HPL leaf looking good. HPL protectors are available on the market to treat the HPL once a year and thus protect it against UV radiation.

GreenChair gives a 5-year warranty on construction and manufacturing defects on our HPL blades. Traces of use are not covered by the warranty.

9. Rope

Rope is becoming increasingly popular in the world of garden furniture and it comes in different designs: thick, thin, round or flat. It is weather resistant and despite the word “rope” suggests that it feels stiff and hard, it is still soft and comfortable. In addition, rope is also very strong and flexible, so you can make the most beautiful furniture with it. All rope is applied by hand by the professionals of GreenChair.

The round threads have a high quality plastic core. This polypropylene base ensures that the rope stretches minimally and also does not absorb moisture. The cover is made of an acrylic fabric, similar to the weather-resistant fabric of our garden furniture cushions. This coating feels soft but is very water-repellent, UV-resistant and colourfast. The flat rope variants have the same mix of weather-resistant materials, but the polypropylene material is woven into the acrylic fabric here. This technique gives the flat rope the same properties but a completely different look.

Rope has minimal stretch, it is an exceptionally strong material. GreenChair provides a 5-year warranty on manufacturing and construction defects. In the unlikely event that damage occurs, it is usually easy to repair.